5 Tips How To Froth Serving Worthy Latte Milk

Steaming Latte Art Worthy Froth


Frothing milk is a type of philosophy,  that you should never underestimate. We're not going to pour all the Torah, but here are a few crucial facts.

How To Tips Milk Latte Art Froth

These 5 tips are what every professional barista knows and should practice everyday.


  1. When your milk is screaming while being frothed he is telling you something, it should sound like a careless whisper in the wind.

  2. Know the right type of circulation , don't rotate, jumble and muddle the milk looking for the perfect spot, know it and let the milk swivel around the steamer like velvet in the wind.

  3. Bubbles are nice in the hot-tub, not in a cappuccino. If you found the sweet spot then you've got control over the bubbles. If you've frothed a bubbly goo, into the sink it goes.

  4. Hot hot baby but not burned, burned milk tastes like burned milk and you can't mask it with sugar. If you burned the latte milk while frothing it's done and you should never serve it.

  5. Not sure what's considered burned steamed milk? Our advise is to use a thermometer and reach a temperature somewhere between 150F-160F. Once you'll get the hang of it you'll be able to ditch the thermometer and determine if the reached the right temperature by only touching the metal milk pitcher.


Our recommendation, start practicing with water, know your milk-steaming-pitcher, understand proper circulation, sound, feel the temperature changes, and only then switch to the big league. 



The Latte Booth Team :)